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Attend a Public Meeting

The public is welcome and encouraged to attend council meetings, study sessions or board and commission meetings.

City Council Meetings

A City Council meeting involves making and amending laws, developing policy and making decisions on the governing of your city by citizens that you elect to the City Council.

  • Council Meetings: The second and fourth Monday of the month at 6 p.m. as of Oct. 24, 2022.

Study Sessions
At study sessions, council has the opportunity to review and discuss important issues, staff projects and future council meeting agenda items. City Council does not take official action during workshop study sessions.

  • Study Sessions: 6 p.m. on the first and third Monday of the month

Public Hearings
Public hearings are meetings open to the public and held to solicit public opinion, input and comments. Public input/feedback is often solicited when the city considers major changes to programs, facilities, services or policies.

Meeting Location
Council Chambers, City Hall
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO  80233

Boards and Commissions
Residents interested in leading the direction of the community can apply to serve on one of the City's Boards and Commissions. Residents of all backgrounds and interests can help make a difference in the future of Northglenn.

Addressing Council at Meetings
Comments on an subject are heard at the beginning of regular meetings, and comments on agenda items are heard at the end. Comments are not taken at study sessions. 

  • Anyone may address council in person or via phone. For the phone option, see the top of the agenda posted at
  • For in person, there is a sign-in sheet or speak up when prompted by the mayor. 
  • Also, public comment may be submitted before the meeting starts via email at

Security Measures in Place for Council Meetings, Study Sessions

  • All persons entering Council Chambers are required to pass through a Magnetometer.
  • Please remove your coat, empty your pockets, remove your belt, and take off any hat.
  • If the alarm is triggered, you may be asked to remove jewelry or your shoes before passing through the machine a second time.
  • You may be screened by a security officer with a hand-held device.
  • All bags, purses, briefcases and other such items must be placed on the conveyor belt and passed through the x-ray inspection system.
  • Visual inspections will be made of baby strollers, baby carriers and any other mobility devices.


City Clerk's Office
11701 Community Center Drive
Northglenn, CO 80233
P: 303.450.8757
F: 303.450.8798