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Good Neighbor Award

The Good Neighbor Award is presented by City Council to individuals, families, or other groups that better our Northglenn community.

People that make a difference by helping others, beautifying our city, volunteering, supporting their neighbors, or in other ways demonstrate “Good Neighbor Behavior” are eligible for the award.

Not sure if someone qualifies to be nominated? Do you know someone that:
  • Shovels your sidewalk when it snows “just because”?
  • Mows your lawn when you’re on vacation?
  • Checks in on seniors in the neighborhood?
  • Organizes neighborhood parties or gatherings?
  • Brightens your day by pulling your trash receptacle up from the street?
  • Loves Northglenn and shows it in his/her own unique way?
  • Serves on a task force,  committee, board or commission and is working to help shape the future of the city?
  • Volunteers within the community to help those need, keep us safe, or improve our parks/open space?
  • Takes action in a way that makes you think “I am so glad they are part of my community”?


Honorees are recognized by council members during a regular meeting, and they are rewarded with a gift delivered to their home. Names of recipients are also listed on the City of Northglenn Good Neighbor Award web page. 

  • Nominations are accepted year-round. There are three rounds of recognition a year. For 2022 the nomination due dates are: March 4, August 5 and November 4. 
  • Nominations must be by a current or former Northglenn resident or current City of Northglenn employee or Council Member.
  • Residents of any age are eligible.
  • The award is intended for Northglenn residents, however, if a nominee resides somewhere else but has a regular “neighborly” impact in Northglenn, he/she may be eligible.
  • Current City of Northglenn employees or current elected officials are not eligible for the award. Family members of employees/elected officials are eligible, but may not be nominated by current employee/elected official that is a family member.
  • Past recipients of the Resident Recognition program or Good Neighbor Award are not eligible. There is a list of recipients at the bottom of this web page.
  • A complete application form must be submitted (see below.)


In 2019, the City of Northglenn created a Resident Recognition program to honor residents that made a difference in the community. The program was implemented during the 50th anniversary of the city, and the goal of honoring 50 residents was exceeded. The success of the resident recognition program spurred the “Good Neighbor” award. See the 2019 Resident Recognition program honorees below.

The ENTIRE form must be completed for entries to be submitted. 

March 2022 Good Neighbor Award Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by last name:
  • Donna Dohrman
  • Jerry Downs
  • Andrew and Tina Guerrero
  • Royce Hanavan
  • Shona Hansen
  • Brandon and Courtney Mericle
  • Brent Ramig
  • Mike and Kim Sullivan
  • Jonathon and Daisy Viera
November 2021 Good Neighbor Award Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by last name:
  • Jim Falk
  • Anthony and Jenifer Higgins
  • George Klocker
  • Dean and Bev Lauer
  • Jenifer and Chris Mennenga
  • Kurt and Katie O'Donnell
August 2021 Good Neighbor Award Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by last name:
  • Maria Cardenas
  • Dale and Diane Fairbanks
  • Richard and Stephanie Gardner
  • Russ Johnson
  • Justin and Rachel Price
  • Mike and Alicia Romero
  • Henry Vargas
March 2021 Good Neighbor Award Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by last name:
August 2020 Good Neighbor Award Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by last name:


2019 Resident Recognition Program Honorees
Listed in alphabetical order by first name:


Jenni Murphy
Community Outreach Coordinator