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Q&A with Council Member Goff

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?

I have lived in Northglenn for nine years. I remember coming to the Northglenn Mall in the 70s and how impressed I was at the indoor fountain. I have had family members living in Northglenn since the 1980s.

What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?

I live near The Studio School and Stukey Elementary.

What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?

I had previously lived in Lakewood. When my husband and I got married, he owned a home in Northglenn. We decided to sell my house and move into his because Northglenn is such a friendly and accessible community. I love the walks and trails and the parks, especially Webster Lake. We know our neighbors and have summer BBQs with them. It feels like living in a small town, but with our easy access to the Interstate, it also feels like living in Denver. Northglenn is unique in offering so many different experiences from the Pirate Fest to A Cappella performances in our very own theater. I guess what I like best about Northglenn is that it is unique and I am very happy living here.

Education and Career Experience

I started out many years ago as the manager of a JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store in Hazel Crest, Ill. After the birth of my second child, my husband and I moved to New Mexico and I went back to school to get my Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Teacher Education. I lived and taught in Santa Fe and Albuquerque for three years before moving to Colorado. I taught in Adams 12 Five Star Schools for 25 years and earned my Ph.D. during that time from the University of Colorado at Denver. I retired in 2013.

Tell Us About Your Family

My three children live in the Denver Metro Area and I am very proud of all of them. We like to get together for board games and occasionally I win. We still maintain our family tradition of traveling to Fraser every year to cut down our Christmas tree as part of the Forest Service plan for fire mitigation.

How Have You Gotten Involved in the Community?

In Northglenn I was a member of the Citizen Advisory Panel that helped develop plans for the new recreation center, senior center and theatre. I found the experience so interesting, that I applied to be on the Citizens’ Affairs Board. I served on CAB for two years before running for City Council.

Why Did You Run for Office?

I am very interested in the changes that I see happening in and around Northglenn. After 28 years of service to my community as a teacher, and a few years of travel and relaxing retirement, I felt like giving back to the community I live in. City Council offers me that opportunity. I want to participate in shaping the future of our city and at the same time do my best to keep Northglenn the charming, friendly, safe city that I love.

What Community Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

I will work with the Homelessness Task Force, and look into the current recycling program and the possibility of adding composting to that service. I will also work on maintaining the quality of life of Northglenn residents in the face of the changes and challenges caused by so much growth in the Denver metro area.

What Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

I plan to focus on mental health, the environment, homelessness in my first year on City Council.

Incumbent Questions - March 2022

So Far, What Achievement, Action or Work Are You Most Proud of During Your Tenure on Council?

I am most proud of the creation of the Diversity, Inclusivity, and Social Equity Board and its work so far. This board has sponsored events, presented educational opportunities, and worked to help make Northglenn a safe and welcoming place for all of our residents. I am also proud of the work I have done to help bring the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre to the finish line. Before I was elected to City Council, I worked as a volunteer on the citizen advisory panel to help envision this new building. If you haven’t been inside, come and see all it has to offer!

What Is the Most Important Thing You Have Learned During Your Time on Council?

I have learned how hard the city staff works, mostly behind the scenes, to make Northglenn such a wonderful place to live. From the streets and trails to events to services such as passports, the dedication and hard work of the staff continues to impress me. I have also learned just how compassionate and thoughtful the residents of Northglenn are. The positive response and support of our Winter Housing Program for our homeless residents have been amazing!

What Do You Feel are The Biggest Issues That Northglenn Faces Right Now?

Right now Northglenn, along with our neighboring municipalities, are facing issues related to public safety and health. We have residents struggling with mental health, opioid addiction, and homelessness. Northglenn is working to address these problems in a variety of ways. Our Crisis Response Unit is working with our Police Department to provide services, case management, and assistance to those in need. We are partnering with other cities to tackle speeding and have our own No Need for Speed program.

What Is the Most Rewarding Part of Being on Council?

The most rewarding part of being on City Council is working with so many inspiring, creative, and dedicated people. My fellow council members all work hard to make the best decisions for Northglenn. I’m continually impressed with our city staff and the work they do. And I love meeting and talking with our amazing residents. It takes all of us to make Northglenn great!