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Q&A With Council Member Jay Jaramillo

Get to Know Your Council Member

How Long Have You Lived in Northglenn?

I have lived in my hometown of Northglenn since 1990.

What Neighborhood/Area Do You Live In?

I reside in Ward 2 of Northglenn near Malley Elementary.

What Do You Like Most About Northglenn?

What I love most about Northglenn is the sense of community in our neighborhoods and citywide. I also enjoy witnessing the City of Northglenn progress forward culturally as a contemporary city with our promotion of inclusion, commitment to a safe community and providing services our community seeks in a municipality.

What is Your Education and Career Experience?

In 2019, I achieved my Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. In 2014, I graduated with my Bachelor’s Degree in Arts & Entrepreneurship from Metropolitan State University of Denver.

I have over a dozen years of experience working in the public sector, from my first job at the City of Northglenn in 2008 as a high schooler, to mentoring youth as the President of the Journey Through Our Heritage program during my undergrad years. After college and during graduate school, I worked for Adams 14 School District as an Afterschool Program Coordinator and Event Coordinator for the non-profit organization, CHAC Gallery.

I am currently the Arts & Culture Specialist for the City of Thornton where I have worked in many capacities since 2015. I am also a professional artist and muralist; I learned from being the apprentice of my father, Jerry Jaramillo, who is a prolific artist, muralist and sculptor in his own right.

Tell Us About Your Family

I am near and dear to my family; my parents, Jerry and Marie, moved to Northglenn in 1986 as a young couple to live a peaceful life and raise their family. My parents are originally from Brighton, Colorado, where my grandparents from both sides of my family made their home from New Mexico.

How Have You Gotten Involved In the Community?

I am most involved by serving on the Board of Directors for the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation since 2016.  I have a passion for the arts, culture and serving my community.  My involvement in my community helped me realize that I could serve on the level of City Council in my hometown of Northglenn.

Why Did You Run For Office?
Northglenn has always been my home; I learned how to swim and had my preschool classes at the old Northglenn Rec Center in the 90’s. 

I first became involved with the City of Northglenn by working my first job in high school with the Aquatics Department in the late 2000’s. 
In 2016, after graduating from college, I wanted to become more involved in my hometown. One of my mentors, Michael Stricker (Director of Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation) reached out to me to join the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation Board of Directors (NAHF); I gladly accepted. I have since been involved in the arts & culture programming in Northglenn which is a great passion of mine.

During this time, I began my Masters in Public Administration because of my intrinsic joy of serving my community. I learned from the lead of role models involved in NAHF such as former mayors Joyce Downing, Antonio Esquibel and Carol Dodge, and former City Council members Rosie Garner, Jill Parsons and Jordan Sauers, who was the youngest Latina elected to council.

Northglenn is a close and welcoming community and I was encouraged by members in the community to run for City Council in 2019 after graduating with my MPA: Masters of Public Administration and again in 2021 when I was elected to Northglenn City Council. 
What Community Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

I am most interested in addressing the concerns of my constituents regarding safety in our community, whether it is speed control in neighborhood streets; safety for pedestrians, especially in school zones and main streets; as well as responsibly addressing homelessness in our community.

What Regional Issues Are You Most Interested in Addressing?

Regional issues that are on my radar are transportation issues - improved infrastructure that will provide a safe and streamlined interstate and highway system that we all utilize.