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Resident Survey 

Northglenn residents are surveyed every other year, asking them about the overall quality of life, city services, safety, recreation, customer service and public engagement.

2021 Survey

Northglenn is in the midst of its biennial resident survey. This is your chance to help shape city priorities! 

There are two survey groups. Group 1 consists of 4,000 residents who were randomly selected, though dispersed geographically, to gather balanced data. Group 2 consists of self-initiated survey participants. 

If you received a survey notice in the mail, you are in Group 1.
Please fill out the survey by following the directions on the letter or postcard. Responses are confidential, but the 4,000 invited to participate are a statistical representation of our entire city. Note: If you received a printed survey, do NOT fill out the open participation survey, use the information you received in the mail. 

If you did not receive a printed survey in the mail, you are in Group 2.
You will be able to fill out the open participation survey from Nov. 10 to 24. 

Click here to take the open participation survey in English

Haga clic aquí para realizar la encuesta de participación abierta en español

Why should you participate? The survey helps:

  • Assess resident satisfaction with community characteristics and amenities
  • Evaluate Northglenn’s local government and employees
  • Gauge resident priorities regarding government services in Northglenn

The 2019 survey helped shape City Council's 2019-2023 Strategic Plan and influenced city work priorities (snow removal, street repair, public safety and more). Your voice matters. Take the survey to let your city know what you think about services and what our city needs most.

Staff and City Council will receive and review the survey responses and report in early 2022.

Previous Surveys