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Street Repair

Maintaining the quality of city streets is one the highest priorities for the city.

2022 Special Projects
Huron Waterline Replacement - The water main running along Huron Street between 104th Avenue and Fred Drive has experienced multiple breaks over the years and will be replaced this year. This project encompasses the replacement of approximately one mile of water main, 3,900 tons of asphalt, 2,000 linear feet of concrete, 123 linear feet of storm sewer, 48 valves, and four hydrants. The street will be resurfaced after replacement. Construction scheduled to start June 1. Expect lane closures.

ARPA Streets – This project will mill and overlay East 104th Avenue from Washington Street to I-25, East 104th Avenue from Irma Street to east City limit, County Road 11 from East 168th Avenue to North Metro Avenue. Construction start date not yet scheduled.

2022 Residential and Arterial Street Programs
The city's Residential and Arterial Street Programs includes repairs on both the asphalt and concrete. Below is a list of streets set for repair. 

Street - Sections of Construction
  • Quivas St - 104th Ave to Roseanna Dr
  • Roseanna Dr - Pecos St to Kennedy Dr
  • Varese Ln - 104th Pl to Ura Ln
  • Pecos St - 104th Ave to 100th Ave
  • Croke Dr - 104th Ave to 97th Ave
  • 103rd Ave - Croke St to Pecos St
  • 103rd Pl - Croke St to Pecos St
  • W 102nd Ave - Croke St to Huron St
  • Niver Ave/Lunceford Ct - Croke Dr to Huron St
  • W 100th Ave - Pecos St to Huron St
  • Clark Dr - Dodge Dr to Belford Dr
  • Alamo Dr - Belford Dr to W 99th Ave
  • 118th Ave - Washington to Lincoln St
  • Pearl St - Malley Dr to 115th Ave & E 114th Ct - Washington St to Pearl St
  • Claude Ct - 120th Ave to 124th Ave
  • Phillips Dr - Washington St to Irma Dr
  • W 118th Ave - Huron St to Acoma Dr
  • Galapago Ct - W 118th Ave to W 117th Ave
  • Galapago Ct – W116th Ave to W 116th Pl
  • Melody Dr - W 118th Ave to W 117th Ave
  • Elati Ct - W 118th Ave to W 117th Ave
  • Delaware Ct- W 118th Ave to W 117th Ave
  • W 116th Way - 116th Al to Acoma St
  • 114th Pl - Melody Dr to Cherokee St
  • Melody Dr - 104th Ave to 112th Pl
  • Marion Dr - 104th Ave to Leroy Dr
  • Verna Ln - Bannock St to Bonita Ln
  • Wallace St - Acoma St to Melody Dr
  • Patterson Ct/Hermosa Ct - Melody Dr to Melody Dr
  • Zuni Ct - Varese Ln to W 104th Pl
  • W 97th Ave - Pecos St to Huron St
  • W 105th Pl - Ura Ln to City Limit
  • Mayden Way – Truda Dr to Lavina Dr
  • E 114th Ave – High St to High St
  • E 116th Dr – Claude Ct to # 116th Pl

City of Northglenn Pavement Management Program

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