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Traffic Calming

Concerns about traffic in your neighborhood? Too many speeders?
Northglenn City Council approved new traffic calming policies in early 2020. A new community engagement program, No Need for Speed, launched on May 1. If you feel traffic speed in your neighborhood is an issue you may request traffic calming measures (information below), or try the No Need for Speed program, or both. 

Traffic Calming Application
The traffic calming policy objectives are to improve neighborhood traffic safety, preserve neighborhood character and livability, and increase neighborhood involvement. Traffic calming may involve temporary or permanent measures; measures are determined based on traffic studies. Permanent measures are also dependent on funding available.

Here is a step-by-step guide to report a neighborhood speeding issue and possibly obtain an evaluation, speed study, and traffic calming measures.

Step 1 – Request and Petition

A resident has a concern about speeding and desires traffic calming. Resident must complete initial neighborhood requirements to receive a traffic study.

Resident must submit a traffic calming application (online form below) and receive the designated impacted area. The designated impact area is determined by the Public Works Department.

Once the impacted area is established the resident must obtain five (5) different signatures from affected residents. Valid signatures must have a proof of residency.

Step 2 – Data Collection

Once resident obtained five (5) signatures from property owners in affected area designated by the city, a traffic study will be performed to determine if area qualifies for traffic calming.

Step 3 – Neighborhood Communication and Temporary Measures

The city will notify neighborhood about traffic study and proposed traffic calming measures available to the neighborhood. The majority impacted area residents must be in favor of installing devices.

Step 4 – Permanent Resolution

If temporary traffic calming measures are not effective, permanent devices will be considered. Another traffic study will be performed to verify if speeding persist in the area.

What if traffic study did not find a speeding issue?

If the traffic study did not determine that there was a speeding issue, the traffic data and reasoning for no further action is sent to the original applicants. Applications for the same area will not be accepted for one (1) year.

Temporary Traffic Calming - This service includes installation of temporary traffic calming devices such as:

  • Speed Humps
  • Traffic Circles
  • Road Diet
  • Crosswalks
  • Signing
  • Speed Trailers
  • Enforcement by the Police Department

Permanent Traffic Calming - Pending the results of the speed study, the neighborhood may be eligible for a permanent traffic calming project. These modifications can include:

  • Speed limit signage
  • Striping
  • Road Diet
  • Speed humps
  • Raised crosswalks

The data from the traffic study will indicate if a comprehensive traffic analysis is warranted. The implementation of a comprehensive traffic calming project is limited to residential, two-lane local or minor collector streets, with a maximum posted speed limit of 25 mph.

Please note:

  • Any action taken must be approved by City Council.
  • The application of temporary and permanent traffic calming devices are subject to federal, state, and local policies and guidelines.

Traffic Calming Application

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