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Special Waste Disposal

Use this reference to dispose of oversized, overweight, irregular or potentially dangerous items.

Businesses listed are not necessarily affiliated with the city. Fees and restrictions may apply. Please call the companies for specific details.

Download the Alternative Waste Disposal Guide

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Where and How to Dispose of Unusual Items

Special pick up, 303-450-4004

See Freon appliances for fridges, air conditioners, freezers and water coolers


  • Allied Recycle, 303.289.3366
  • Roll-off rental, 303.450.4004
  • Tower Landfill, 19260 E. 88th Ave., 303.371.5115. Cost is $35 per appliance (drop-off)
  • Free landfill day
  • Cars for Charity, 303-470-5511 x8311
Automotive Batteries, Antifreeze, Motor Oil
The city will collect up to two automotive batteries per week on your regular trash pick-up day - just place them next to your trash cart.

The city will collect up to five gallons of used motor oil or antifreeze per week on your regular trash pick-up day. The chemicals must be placed in clear plastic, one-gallon containers with the resident's address clearly marked on the container. Used milk jugs work well for this purpose. Just set the containers next to your trash cart.

  • Alkaline (non-rechargeable): Put in trash
  • Other: Metech, 720-377-7700 or City of Northglenn, 303-450-4004
Bricks, Rocks
Roll-off rental, 303-450-4004
Free landfill day
Building Materials
Habitat for Humanity, 303-421-1908, or
Construction and Remodeling Debris
Dead Animals
Contact Animal Control at 303.450.8886.
Diesel Fuel
Mesa Oil, 303-426-4777
Fire Extinguishers
Cintas Fire Protection
1100 W. 120th Ave., #500
Westminster, CO
Freon Appliances (Fridge, AC, Freezers, Water Coolers)
  • Xcel rebate, 1.866.552.8755 (unit must be working)
  • Denver Appliance Removal, 303.505.0875 (will pick up for a fee)
  • Tower Landfill, 19260 E. 88th Ave., 303.371.5115. Cost is $60 per appliance (drop-off)
Household Chemicals

Veolia,  303.526.8155, 9131 E. 96th Ave., Henderson, or Call for costs and to schedule an appointment.

Kaiser Permanente, 11245 Huron St.

Walgreens, 4001 E. 120th Ave., Thornton

Light Bulbs
Drop them off at most local hardware stores.
Live Ammunition
Northglenn Police, 303-450-8897
Order a special pickup to have a mattress taken away.
Packing Materials
UPS Store, Mission Trace Shopping Center, 120th Ave. and Colorado Blvd., Thornton, 303-457-4877
Sherwin WIlliams, 11455 Washington St., 303.252.9944. No charge to drop off up to five gallons of paint/varnish/stains during regular business hours. Go to for other local businesses that accept old or unused paint for recycling.
Organics Supply, 303.659.6003
Paper Shredding
  • MailBox Express: E. 104th  and Colorado Blvd., 720.216.2502
  • UPS Store:  W. 104th Avenue and Federal Blvd., 303.469.2200
  • UPS Store:  E. 120th Avenue and Colorado Blvd., 303.280.9212
These vendors charge for this service; contact them ahead of time for details.
Sod may be placed into your trash cart; however, carts can only handle 168 to 335 pounds of waste, depending on the size of the cart. If you need to dispose of more sod than that, please call for a roll-off rental.
Yard Waste
Miscellaneous Info
  • Tower Road Landfill, 88th Avenue and Tower Road, 303.371.5115
  • Front Range Landfill, Erie CO, 303.828.9400
  • Veolia Household Hazardous Waste Disposal, 303.526.8155 

Sanitation Division

Monday - Friday
7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.