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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan
Looking Up! A Vision for Northglenn's Future
Adopted April 2023

A printed copy of the Comprehensive Plan can be viewed at the City Clerk’s Office inside City Hall.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?
The blueprint for future growth, land use, and development of Northglenn and is the basic foundation for local planning.  It lays out a community’s vision and priorities, and describes where, how, and in some cases, when, development will occur.  The plan guides long-range decision making involving physical development and any city action that is expected to influence development.  The purpose of the plan is to provide the guidance necessary for city leaders to make informed and rational decisions to balance their development goals with the need to provide a quality living environment for existing and future residents.

Why Do We Need a Comprehensive Plan?
A plan aids in policy building to ensure orderly growth and to protect the public’s best interest.

There are many functions of a Comprehensive Plan, including the creation of a collective vision that reflects the intentions and will of the community to decide its future.  In addition, the plan assists the city in proactively preparing for the future by guiding development in a fiscally-responsible manner and to coordinate public infrastructure investments to ensure adequate provision of public facilities and services.


Planning and Development Division