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Improvements Planned for Sensory Playground

Local Legislative Recap - Jan. 14, 2019

Meeting Packet

Public Notices Placed at City Hall, Website
CR-1 – Council unanimously approved the official posting locations for meeting notices in 2019. The City Hall bulletin boards and the city website,, will continue to house the notices. 

Employee Guidelines Modified
CR-2 – Council unanimously approved changes to the city’s employee guidelines. The document will contain a policy for handling paper or electronic documents with personal information of city employees and expands the notification process if a data breach occurs. Also, it will have protocol related to employee identification cards.

Trash Trucks Purchased
CR-3 – Council unanimously approved buying two trash trucks from Faris Machinery Company for $599,648. 

Funds Allocated to Standley Lake Account

CR-4 – Council unanimously approved allocating $150,000 to the Standley Lake Pipeline Joint Operating Committee (SLPJOC) escrow account. The pipeline transfers water from Standley Lake to Northglenn and Thornton. The two cities operate the account, use the funds to maintain the line and share maintenance costs equally.

Biosolid Contract Approved

CR-5 – Council unanimously approved an agreement with Veris Environmental. The company will load, haul and dispose of biosolids from the Wastewater Treatment Plant in 2019. The cost will not exceed $300,000.

Support for Grant Application for Sensory Playground
CR-6 – Council unanimously supported a city application for an Adams County Open Space grant. The application seeks $375,000 for the Sensory Playground Improvements Project. The project has $250,000 of internal funds already earmarked. 
Improvements include replacing worn playground equipment and site amenities, and patching poured-in-place surfacing. If the city secures enough funds, it will replace the entire surface and install new entryway arches. The playground sits inside E.B. Rains Jr. Memorial Park. Grant results will likely come in May.

Contract Updated Due to Company Merger

CR-8 – Council unanimously approved the assignment of the Bunker Hill Lift Station design contract. It will now be between the city and Alan Plummer Associates, instead of FEI Engineers. FEI joined Alan Plummer on Jan. 1 and is now doing business under that name. Due to the merger and change in name, the city must assign the contract to the new company.