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Block Party Trailer Available for Free Reservation

Few things build a sense of community like a block party. Neighbors bring dishes and talk about what’s going on, while kids play safely nearby. 

“When neighbors have a chance to get to know each other, they find out there’s more commonality and more collective purpose in what they do,” said Neighborhood Services Supervisor Tom Carlson.

To encourage more of these gatherings in Northglenn, residents can now rent the Block Party Trailer for a weekend for free.

The trailer includes all of the essentials to host a block party:   

  • Street barricades
  • 12 tables
  • 32 folding chairs
  • Four ice chests and three water coolers
  • Four pop-up canopy tents
  • Variety of lawn games

To rent the trailer, go to You’ll be able to see if the trailer is available for the date you want and to make sure your street is eligible. 

If everything checks out, you can download and fill out the application, which requires signatures from 80 percent of your neighbors. 

Once everything is approved, city staff will drop off the trailer on the Friday afternoon prior to your party, and then come pick it up on Monday.

For more information, call 303.280.7876 or go to the site.