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Public Works Update: Four-Way Intersections Installed on Grant Drive

Concrete Trails Replacement 

  • Update: The contractor, Keene Concrete, began work on Sept. 16. 
  • Description: Every year the city allocates money for concrete trail repair throughout Northglenn. This year sections of Huron Trail, Community Center Drive Trail and the Grange Hall Creek Trail will be repaired.
  • Anticipated Completion: September

E. 112th Ave. and York St. 

  • Update: Signal poles were installed and paving scheduled for the last week of September. The signals will remain out of service until the Thornton portion of the project is further along and proper striping can be completed. 
  • Description: Roadway improvements to East 112th Avenue, including: 
    • Extension of the sidewalk from the train crossing to York Street on the north side of East 112th Avenue 
    • Improvements at East 112th Avenue and York Street intersection
    • Installation of a traffic signal at Fox Run Parkway and East 112th Avenue 
  • Anticipated Completion: November

Residential Street Program 

  • Update: The contractor completed work on 115th Avenue and moved to Phillips Drive. Truda Drive was added as an alternate and will be next, then crews will move on to Grant Drive and Melody Drive. 
  • Description: The program maintains and improves Northglenn streets and sidewalks. Included this year is removing and replacing the top layer of asphalt on Melody Drive and adding bike lanes to it. The following streets will also be worked on:
    • Phillips Drive from Irma Drive to Claude Court
    • East 115th Avenue from Irma Drive to Claude Court
    • Grant Drive from Malley Drive to Muriel Drive
    • Larson Drive from Muriel Drive to East 105th Place
    • Melody Drive from West 104th Avenue to Huron Street
    • Truda Drive from Irma Drive to Claude Court
  • Anticipated Completion: October

Community Center Drive Median Replacement

  • Update: Completed ahead of schedule and under budget.
  • Description: The Community Center Drive median block wall was reduced to ground level and sight distance increased through the crosswalk area. A new curb, striping and signage have been completed.

104th Ave. Bridge Painting

  • Streets crews painted both sides of the barrier crossing on the bridge in late August.


Grant Drive Four-Way Intersections 

  • Update: Complete
  • Description: A couple of months ago Engineering Division staff received a request for crosswalks at Grant Drive and Leonard Lane. The resident was in a wheelchair and it was difficult crossing the uncontrolled intersection. Engineering performed the analysis and Streets Division crews made this intersection a four-way stop with crosswalks. The resident contacted engineering the same day and thanked the city for the work and accessible path. Later, crews made the intersection of Grant Drive and Northglenn Drive a four-way intersection with crosswalks. 


Projects Starting Soon 

  • Rehabilitation of sewer line pipes by lining the areas that might have damage
  • Water line replacement on a section of Garland Drive 
  • Storm drainage improvements on areas around the city that need repair