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No Fireworks in Northglenn! $1000 Minimum Fine

Fireworks are not allowed in Northglenn, and the minimum fine is $1000. Please be kind to vets, pets and neighbors, and don’t risk this hefty fine – DO NOT set off fireworks.

Due to COVID-19 there are no city fireworks/festival at E.B. Rains, Jr. Park this year. 
See the July 4 page for alternative activities.

Please note the following:
July 4 -EB Rains West Parking Lot ADA Parking Only open
July 4 All other Parking Lots and the Rec Center will be Closed
These lots will close at 5:30 pm on July 3, Reopen on July 5 in morning

Report Use of Illegal Fireworks
To report firework activity IN PROGRESS please call the police non-emergency number at 303.288.1535
Report after-the-fact online using AccessNorthglenn.

“No Fireworks" Yard Signs Available

The city will be placing yard signs reminding residents that fireworks are illegal in Northglenn. You can have one for your yard, as well! Through July 4 you can pick up a sign in the lobby of the Justice Center.

Flyers to email or print and share
English detailed
Simple English & Spanish

How to talk to your neighbor about Fireworks

  1. Introduce yourself if you don’t know your neighbor.
  2. Let them know you would like to chat with them a bit about fireworks use.
  3. Ask “Are you aware that fireworks are illegal in Northglenn?”
  4. Share the information about the $1000 minimum fine; let them know there is increased police enforcement.
  5. Share a personal story as to why fireworks bother you/neighbors. “I know fireworks are fun for some, yet…”
    • “I have pets and the noise really upsets them”
    • “We have some veterans in the neighborhood and the loud noises raise their anxiety level”
    • “Our older neighbors are startled by the noise and really appreciate it when we celebrate in a quieter way”
    • “I am really concerned about fire and injury”
  1. Ask them, nicely, to please respect the law.
  2. If they want to explain their reasons for using fireworks, listen politely.
  3. Afterwards reiterate, “I know fireworks are fun for some, especially when there are no big productions this year, but I feel it’s important to share with you that they really bother me and other neighbors and we respectfully ask you not to set them off. I appreciate your time.”
You may want to end the conversation by giving them a copy of one of the City of Northglenn flyers in the above section.

Fun Alternatives
With the cancellation of many July 4 fireworks and festivities this year (including Northglenn’s annual event at E.B. Rains, Jr. Memorial Park) due to COVID-19, what is a family to do? There is still fun to be had!  Here is a short list of fireworks alternatives to help your family celebrate our country’s birthday, right on your own driveway or lawn:

  • Bubble Wrap – save up your Amazon delivery packaging then lay it out on the driveway on July 4 for a snap, crackle, pop fest. Be creative! Jump, roll, or ride your bike over the wrap.
  • Elephant Toothpaste – have some science fun and an explosion of chemical reaction foam with simple household ingredients.
  • Laser/Flashlight home show – purchase a colored flashlight or laser for each family member to unwrap July 4 evening. Put on some patriotic music and use your fence or house as a backdrop for your own light show.

Other ideas to consider (or Google): decorate bikes with glowsticks and go for an evening spin; silly string wars; backyard s’mores; water balloons; crepe paper explosion (ten minutes to run around and put up as much crepe paper in your backyard as possible); giant bubbles; birthday party for America; team competition to create Uncle Sam “statue” with home supplies.

Please note -- sparklers are allowed in Northglenn, but no other fireworks (no fountains, nothing that leaves the ground and explodes).