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Protest Issues in Northglenn? Your Questions Answered.

We’ve had a few questions lately related to the unrest across our nation. Here is some quick Q & A:

Is Northglenn expecting problems with looting like in downtown Denver?
No, we have no indication that will happen. We have had officers reach out to commercial areas to check in and ask that everyone be alert, but all is well so far.

Why are some Northglenn business boarding up windows and closing early?
Some businesses are choosing to take precautions, but there have been no incidents to our knowledge.

Are Northglenn police working in Denver?
No. Northglenn police officers are in the city and responding to calls as usual. We have mutual aid agreements in place with neighboring jurisdictions, and have staged twice to support Denver if needed; our officers were not utilized. Please note, our officers will only support neighboring agencies if we have the resources - safety in Northglenn is the first priority.

Will there be protests in Northglenn?
Some residents held an event on June 6, here is the news story.  There have been other protests in Northglenn since then; all have been peaceful. 

The Mayor made a statement and led a moment of silence in remembrance of George Floyd at the Monday, June 8 City Council Meeting. Mayor Leighty also has a message on her Facebook page.

What if something happens here?
Residents would be notified if there were any danger via our Code Red system. 

What if I have safety concerns?
As always – if you need the police call 911 in an emergency and 303.288.1535 in a non-emergency.

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