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City to Review Historic Significance of Deza Estates

The city received a grant from History Colorado Inc. to perform a historic resources survey on 44 properties in the Deza Estates neighborhood. The survey will involve researching the neighborhood and its architect, as well as understanding the many features that make each of these houses significant. 

The Deza Estates neighborhood provides a unique look into mid-century residential architecture as it provided residents an opportunity for architect-designed homes. During this time, residents of new neighborhoods were often given few options for the design of their houses, but those living in Deza Estates were allowed more freedom to create their own unique house. 

The information gathered from the survey will provide context for the neighborhood and an understanding of which houses or groups of houses may be eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places. Deza Estates residents should expect more information about the survey in their mailbox this August or September.

If you have any questions regarding Deza Estates or the historic resources survey, please reach out to Sara Dusenberry at or 303.450.8836.