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N Line Officially Opens

At long last the N line has opened!  Though COVID-19 restrictions limited the celebration, on Sept. 21 a VIP train  passed through stations in each city along the line where station ribbon cutting ceremonies were held in honor of the opening of N Line service. 

The line officially opened to the public at approximately 12 p.m. with RTD offering free rides to the public through Sunday, Sept. 27.

The 13-mile rail line will connect the north metro area and downtown Denver, with stops in Northglenn, Thornton, Commerce City, the National Western Complex and Union Station. Eventually, the line will extend north to Highway 7, as funds are available.

Trains will run every 30 minutes at all times during service hours. The two-car commuter rail vehicles on the N Line have seating for 91 passengers in each car, two ADA-compliant seating areas, and spaces for luggage, skis and bikes.


Cost to travel from the Northglenn • 112th or Eastlake • 124th stations to Union Station from Sept. 28 through March 27, 2021. 

Cost after the first six months. (Frequent use passes are available through RTD).


Station Details

Northglenn • 112th

  • Address: 11355 York St. (off York Street, north of East 112th Avenue)
  • Car parking: 310
  • Bike parking: 12 bike lockers and eight racks
  • Connecting bus routes: 12 and 112
  • FlexRides: Thornton FlexRide
  • Travel time to Union Station: 24 minutes

Eastlake • 124th

  • Address: 12500 Claude Ct., Thornton (Just north of the Northglenn-Thornton boundary)
  • Car parking: 410
  • Bike parking: 10 bike lockers and five racks
  • Connecting bus routes: 120, 120L and 128
  • FlexRides: Thornton FlexRide
  • Travel time to Union Station: 29 minutes

Artwork at the Station
Communities have put their own distinct touches on their FasTrack stations. Travelers going through the Northglenn • 112th Station will see the city’s commitment to arts and culture.
These include:

  • 2019/20 People's Choice Award winner "Salvere"
  • test temporis, sister pieces to "Salvere"
  • A mural on the side of the loading platform.Northglenn artist Jerry Jaramillo designed wrap murals on the utility boxes. His work depicts different types of transportation utilized over time

Click here for more information about the N Line from RTD


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