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"Bee My Honey" One More Time

The local community buzzed about “Bee My Honey” from the time it was installed in Grant Park off Washington Street in 2013. 

The 2012 Art on Parade People’s Choice Award winner featured two bronze pieces – a tree with a hanging bee hive, and a sitting bear reaching up for some honey. Neighbors even put a Santa hat and wreath on the sculpture during the holidays each year.

So it was no surprise when outcry rang out after both pieces of “Bee My Honey” were stolen in May 2019. Social media, word of mouth and even the local media spread the word that “Bee My Honey” was stolen and all of Northglenn wanted it back. As recently as this summer, the city was still receiving emails and phone calls about the sculpture. Despite all the outreach and an award offered by the Police Department, “Bee My Honey” was never found.

In reaction to community feedback, City Council, staff and the Northglenn Arts & Humanities Foundation committed to replacing the sculpture.

Artist Colette Pitcher of Greeley was enlisted to recreate her piece. She had the original mold for the bear, but the tree mold was no longer usable. So she spent about a year recreating the tree portion using similar sculptures and referencing photos. Finally, on Oct. 9, “Bee My Honey” was re-set in its original spot.

“It was awesome to see the sculpture arrive,” said Northglenn Arts Supervisor Michael Stricker. “It looks identical to the original. It’s great to finally have it home in Northglenn.”

To make sure this new “Bee My Honey” stays put, the Public Works Department, Police Department and Pitcher worked together to upgrade the security.

To view the sculpture, visit Grant Park, just off of Washington Street.