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The Force is Strong With This One

Necessary Sewer Pipe Project Will Affect Traffic, Water at Various Spots in West Northglenn Through January 2022

The largest of the Northglenn Underground projects is about to dig in – literally. At the end of March, contractor BT Construction will begin the Force Main A project. This is a major sewer line replacement that stretches nearly the entire length of Northglenn along Leroy Drive and Irma Drive.

Lunch & Learn: 12 p.m. March 15 at

"Big infrastructure replacements are messy and disruptive…and also important," said city Civil Engineer Michael Roman. "Frequent sewer line breaks due to aging sewer lines are a lot more disruptive, though, so we really need to get this replacement done."

The project will take place from March 2021 to January 2022, but not the entire stretch the whole time. Work will be done in sections, and at times with two crews in different locations along the line.

What should you expect? Traffic impacts due to construction will be the most noticeable to people in the area. Residents near the replacement area may have water/sewer interruptions or limited access to driveways for short periods of time when work is done nearby.

Early notification of impacts is a priority, so please watch for direct mail, door hangers and social media notifications so you know what to expect.

On Dec. 21, Council unanimously voted to issue Wastewater Revenue Bonds to finance this replacement and other improvements. The estimated cost to replace Force Main A is $14 million.

Check out for ongoing details, and the virtual info meeting on March 15 for an overview of the entire project.

About the Project

  • What: Lift Station A collects nearly all sewage from Northglenn and pumps it through Force Main A to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Weld County.
  • Why: The lift station and a portion of its force main are being replaced by BT Construction (contracted by the City of Northglenn) due to deteriorated condition, which has caused frequent breaks.
  • Where: Along Irma Drive from Leroy Drive to 120th Avenue.
  • When: Work begins the end of March 2021. Estimated completion date is Jan. 2022.
  • How: The work will be done in sections up to two blocks at a time. Properties affected by the construction will receive notifications before work in the area begins. Tunneling pits will be installed at 112th Avenue and 120th Avenue to avoid major disruptions, but turn lanes or access roads may be closed.


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