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Continued Response to Blizzard

As of 3/22/21, all operations are back to normal.

Trash Delayed All Week

Pick up was delayed for one day. Monday pick up will happen on Tuesday, and so on, until Friday pick up which will take place on Saturday. 
If sanitation crews are done with the day-late route early they are passing by their regular route just in case people did not get the word, however, as long as you put out your carts by 7 a.m. a day after your usual day you should receive pick up.

Street Plowing
The city's Streets Division spent all weekend plowing in the face of the historic blizzard. Despite some cars stuck in the middle of the road (and even some plows getting stuck, too ) 80% of residential streets had at least one pass by Monday morning.

Priorities are now to revisit street cleared early in the storm, clear areas more as snow melts, and make sure main arterials are clear enough to be used by an average front-wheel drive. Then crews will shift to areas that need second passes and make sure schools are clear. 

See the details and priority map

If you have a specific issue, please use to log a request for service. 

Sidewalks and Trails
Parks crews are working to clear city facilities and bus stops before moving on to park trails.

The City asks that residents and businesses have their sidewalks cleared by 48 hours after the storm ends.

How You Can Help
  • Please be patient! City crews  are working as fast as possible and your neighbors are doing their best. Having to re-shovel due to second street clearings or work around where snow is piled is simply a result of such a big storm.
  • If you're not sure if your car can get through the snow, don't try. Better to shovel first than trying to plow through and get stuck.
  • Shovel snow into your yard. It's been pretty dry, so your lawn will enjoy the extra moisture. Plus, snow in the street or gutter just leads to more plowing, more slick conditions and more dangerous conditions.
  • Take your time shoveling; it's a lot of heavy snow. 
  • We have more requests for help than our Snow Stormers volunteers can handle to support residents that need help shoveling snow.  If you see a neighbor in need, it's a great time to lend a hand.

What if I Need Help?
Requests may be made at

Please remember we use all resources at hand and prioritize by demand. For example, clearing a bus stop for numerous residents that need to get to work will come before clearing a trail; plowing the way for an ambulance to get to a medical emergency will come before a non-emergency residential plowing request. Also, remember the 48 hour timeframe to shovel. Code Enforcement officers are currently shoveling snow for seniors and disabled in our community, they will not cite unshoveled sidewalks until that 48 hour period is over.

All city facilities were closed on Monday, March 15, though police, water and sewer operated normally. In person programs were cancelled on Monday. Virtual programs were not cancelled.
Operations returned to COVID-19 "normal" on Tuesday, March 16.