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Stage 1 Drought Declared

City Committed to Reducing Water Consumption 10%; Residents Asked to Lower Usage

The City of Northglenn is taking a proactive approach in response to statewide drought conditions.

City Council declared a Stage 1 Drought in Northglenn at its April 12 meeting. This is the least-severe designation that council can declare.

The city is committing to reduce water usage by 10% at its facilities and parks. Residents are asked to voluntarily lower water use – see if you can beat our 10% mark!

City staff has been following the conditions in the Clear Creek watershed basin and Standley Lake Reservoir, as they hold the city’s drinking water supply. Based on historical statistics including snow levels and storage levels, the amount of water predicted for Standley Lake in June is anticipated to be lower than normal.

By reducing water use now, the city can hopefully avoid taking more drastic water-cutting measures if conditions don’t improve.

As of April 20, 89.1% of the state is in moderate drought, while 60.5% is in severe drought. For more updated numbers, go to

For more about the drought stages in Northglenn and what they mean, go to