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Fireworks Don't Work Here

The City and Police Department want to get the word out early that setting off private fireworks is illegal in Northglenn. 

By city ordinance, there is a mandatory MINIMUM fine of $1,000 for private fireworks use – and last year 63 people found out first hand the law is enforced. Those caught using fireworks as well as the person who owns or lives on the property can be cited.

Though it's impossible to stop all fireworks or catch all o­ffenders, there will again be intentional Police enforcement to reduce illegal fireworks use.

Also please note, there are NO professional fireworks on July 4 in Northglenn this year. There will be a professional show in the fall in to celebrate the opening of the new Northglenn Recreation Center, Senior Center and Theatre, and the City of Westminster has extended an invitation to Northglenn residents to view fireworks at their city park. There are day and evening activities on July 4 in Northglenn. 

If you would like to spread the word about illegal fireworks, you can pick up yard signs starting June 1 at City Hall and the Justice Center.

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