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Afghan Refugees in Northglenn?

What is the real story? Are Afghan Refugees Coming to Northglenn?
There has been extensive media coverage about those fleeing Afghanistan. Adams County, our local mosque, and other community organizations are gearing up to support refugees and the city has worked to stay in touch with efforts and offer support if needed. City Council was interested in hearing an update on the issue, and Jennifer Wilson from International Rescue Committee provided a comprehensive presentation on Afghan refugees on Oct. 11. Watch the presentation on YouTube at the 20:20 time mark

Will refugees come to Northglenn?
Yes.  As of Oct. 12 the International Rescue Committee was aware of 252 refugees coming to Colorado; 26% are joining US ties in Aurora, 20% in Denver, 17% in Thornton, and 15% in Northglenn. A handful have US ties in Arvada, and the balance either have no US tie or have a US tie in another state.

Refugee 101 Resources
These videos are a quick resource about who refugees are, how folks get to Colorado, and why supporting newcomers matters. The State of Colorado also has a short FAQ here. The Colorado Refugee Services Program website is also a good resource. 

How Can I Help?
Here is a information sheet on ways to support refugees in Colorado.