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No Fireworks Make-up Date

Faulty Components to Blame for Canceled Show on July 4; City to Receive Full Refund
(updated 7/19/22)

After two weeks of thought and consultation, City Council has made the difficult decision to not reschedule the July 4th fireworks in Northglenn this year. 

The Northglenn July 4 event began wonderfully – the car show, duck race, music, food, honoring our flag, national anthem and gathering of family and friends was awesome.  However, the fireworks show suffered a technical failure and could not be held as planned. 

The evening of July 4 it was unclear why the fireworks would not fire -- rain was the primary suspect. However, after inspection, the vendor discovered one or more components were faulty. If the fireworks had been canceled due to rain, the rain date was the next day. Since the cause was an electronic component, rescheduling was more complicated. Everyone was disappointed that we couldn't hold the fireworks show as planned. 

The Northglenn fireworks show is a special-order, custom-made show because the space requires "proximate" fireworks due to the nearby structures and is shot off barges in the lake; this makes the setup complex. The vendor took full responsibility for the fireworks failure and offered a full refund or to put on the show on a different evening. 

"Not getting to watch the fireworks go off was a huge disappointment to everyone attending the event or was planning to watch from afar,"  said City Manager Heather Geyer. "July 4th is a huge deal for Northglenn, and the city apologizes that things didn't finish as we all hoped."

The city considered combining the fireworks show with a concert in the park/movie night on July 6. But with forecasted rain,  challenges in providing staff on short notice, and most importantly, that many residents would not get the information about the rescheduled show, this plan wouldn't work. That factor, plus a weeknight event, would undoubtedly impact attendance (a past fireworks rain date only drew 1,000 people, compared to 8,000 in attendance on July 4).

The city considered holding a new event later in the year that would include fireworks.  At the July 11 meeting and again on July 18, council members discussed this option extensively, including new events on Labor Day weekend or Veterans Day. Public input varied widely -- from "save the money" to "have fireworks at Pirate Fest or Noel Northglenn" and many other suggestions.  In the end, City Council felt a full refund was in the best interests of the city. They will discuss whether additional funding to have an enhanced fireworks show next year is feasible during 2023 Budget planning.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to seeing you at future events, including next year's July 4 celebration.