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City Honors Local Businesses

2022 Northglenn Business Appreciation Event Winners

“Redefine was a perfect theme this year,” said Mayor Pro Tem Jenny Willford. “Our business community not only proved their resilience over the last two years, they invested more and made changes be successful. Northglenn is lucky to have such a vibrant business community!”

Mayor Meredith Leighty agreed, “I think of all the changes our city, state, nation and world have experienced --politics, the economy, shifts in the marketplace, the housing market, this crazy labor market, and COVID. Our businesses are here because they have the courage and flexibility to redefine themselves. As our environment continues to change, we continue to learn and adapt. This community trait is one of many that make me proud to call Northglenn home.”

In addition to recognizing businesses, the event had an educational opportunity. The City of Northglenn Economic Development Department partnered with Northglenn High School STEM engineering students and teachers for the ninth year to design event centerpieces. Students were challenged to come up with a design that represented the Redefine theme. Two classes with 13 teams and 47 students participated in the challenge. Students were invited to the event to interact with the local business community and were recognized for their innovative ideas and products.

“We enjoy working with students every year,” shared Economic Development Director Debbie Tuttle. “Their heartfelt enthusiasm is so fun and offering an opportunity to provide a real-life project that puts them in contact with the business community has benefits for all involved.”