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Get Ballots in by Nov. 8

No Local Questions, Items on Ballot

The Nov. 8 General Election will be conducted through mail ballots. If you have not turned in your mail ballot already, please take it to a ballot drop-off box or a Voter Service & Polling Center. DO NOT mail it in. Postmarks DO NOT COUNT.

To be counted, all voted ballots must be received by 7 p.m. on Election Day, Nov. 8.

A ballot drop-off box is located in the south parking lot of City Hall, 11701 Community Center Drive. 

If you are in line to vote at a Voter Service & Polling Center by 7 p.m. on Election Day, you will be allowed to vote. Anyone who votes at Voter Service and Polling Centers must provide ID.

For Voter Service & Polling Center locations and hours, other 24-hour ballot drop-off boxes, and a list of acceptable ID, call 720.523.6500 or go to

Register and Vote

Eligible individuals can register to vote through Election Day in Colorado.  Starting Nov. 1, you must register in person at one of the Voter Service & Polling Centers. The centers also offer the following services:

  • Cast a ballot in person
  • Use accessible voting equipment
  • Update your voter registration
  • Request a new or replacement ballot
  • Drop off your voted mail ballot

What is on the Ballot This Year?

Voters will be considering candidates and questions at the county, state, and federal levels. The City of Northglenn does not have any City Council candidates or local questions on the ballot this year. Information about the various ballot measures is available in the 2022 State Ballot Information Book.

Living Situation Does Not Affect the Right to Vote

In Colorado, every eligible person has the right to vote. People experiencing homelessness can register to vote by using a “home base” address.

More details for voters with disabilities or other circumstances (overseas and military voters, students living on campus, people with convictions, etc.) is available on the Secretary of State’s site at

Track Your Ballot

The BallotTrax system tracks the status of your mail ballot and sends a series of alerts by phone, email or text notifying you where your ballot is in the election process, from sent to counted.  Sign up online at

 Call the Adams County Election Office with any questions at 720.523.6500 or go online to