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Fiber Infrastructure Installation in Northglenn

Contractors are installing broadband infrastructure in Northglenn to provide residents with access to high-speed fiber internet. This is a private industry project, but because the City has received several inquiries, we are providing links and basic information in case residents have concerns or need assistance. 
What is fiber Internet? 
Fiber internet is a high-speed internet connection that uses thin strands of glass or plastic tubes to transmit data as pulses of light, delivering fast, low-latency, and reliable internet access.

Who is doing the installation? 
Intrepid Fiber has contracted with Congruex to install the fiber and other infrastructure needed.  Intrepid’s internet service provider is T-Mobile. For more information on the service available, visit 
Will I be notified of work? After the work will my property be restored? 
The work is done in rights-of-way and public service easements, which sometimes is within residential lot areas. The contractors will provide notification through door hangers, along with visible company information on their staff uniforms and vehicles. Staff should also knock on doors before going on residential property and fully restore property after the work is complete. 
Where can I find information about the work? Who do I contact if I have an issue? 
The following websites will provide more information about the work and who to contact: 

How long will this work be going on in Northglenn? 
Construction will continue through the summer of 2024, covering the City of Northglenn.  Service will be available to different neighborhoods at different phases of the project build, with many neighborhoods already available for service today.  
Did the city know about this? 
Yes, Intrepid presented to City Council on Sept. 12, 2022. Council unanimously approved the agreement on Sept. 26, 2022.

Intrepid returned to present to Council on Sept. 25, 2023 to address some resident concerns. See the presentation and discussion