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Article 17-1

Section 17-1-1. Declaration of Purpose
Section 17-1-2. Definitions
Section 17-1-3. Department of Parks and Recreation
Section 17-1-4. Services
Section 17-1-5. Integration of Facilities and Services
Section 17-1-6. Rules and Regulations
Section 17-1-7. Employees
Section 17-1-1. Declaration of Purpose. The City Council of the City of Northglenn finds, determines and declares that it is necessary and desirable that the City undertake to provide parks and recreation services, within the territorial limits of the City; and that it is necessary and desirable that the City provide recreation facilities of high quality to its citizens.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-1-2. Definitions. As used in Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code of the City of Northglenn:

"City" means the City of Northglenn.

"Department" means the Department of Parks and Recreation established by this ordinance.

"Recreation Board" or "Board" means the Parks and Recreation Board of the City of Northglenn.

"Public recreation facility" means any property, including real estate and personal property, used, or intended to be used for the purpose of supplying recreation services.

"Director" or "Manager" means the Director of Parks and Recreation appointed by the City Manager.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-1-3. Department of Parks and Recreation.

There is hereby established the Department of Parks and Recreation, a division of the municipal government of the City of Northglenn charged with the direction, operation, and maintenance of all of the public recreation facilities of the City and the providing of recreation services to the residents of the City.

The Director of Parks and Recreation shall be the head of the Department and shall be responsible for the direction and control of the activities and operations of the Department in pursuance of the provisions of the ordinances of the City, and the laws of this State.

The Department and the Director shall be subject to the supervision of the City Manager.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-1-4. Services. The Department shall develop and provide recreation services, and shall improve and adjust recreation facilities and services, to the extent allowed by the funds appropriated for such purposes.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-1-5. Integration of Facilities and Services. The public recreation facilities and recreation services operated and provided by the Department, whether now existing or hereafter acquired, shall be managed as an integrated whole system under the direction of the Director to the end that overlapping and duplication of facilities or services may be eliminated and proper use made of the employees and equipment of the Department.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-1-6. Rules and Regulations. The Parks and Recreation Board may promulgate and the Director may enforce reasonable rules and regulations governing the use and management of public recreation facilities, the rates, fees and charges for use of public recreation facilities and other services provided by the Department, the protection and conservation of such public recreation facilities, and providing sanitation and safety regulations for public recreation facilities, provided that any rules or regulations for violation of which criminal sanctions may be imposed pursuant to Sections 8-2-3 and 1-1-10 of the Municipal Code shall be approved by resolution of the City Council.

[Source: Ord. 1111, 1994]

Section 17-1-7. Employees. The employees of the Department shall be employees of the City whose salaries or compensation shall be fixed as provided by the ordinances of the City.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]