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Article 17-2

Section 17-2-1. Recreation Board Membership
Section 17-2-2. Term of Office
Section 17-2-3. Membership Qualification--Vacancies--Salary
Section 17-2-4. Organization and Rules
Section 17-2-5. Meetings
Section 17-2-6. Purposes and Objectives
Section 17-2-7. Duties and Authority
Section 17-2-8. Miscellaneous
Section 17-2-1. Recreation Board Membership. There is hereby created the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board of the City of Northglenn. The Board shall consist of five (5) citizen members appointed by the City Council and one ex-officio member who shall be a member of the City Council. One citizen member shall be appointed from each ward of the City. The fifth citizen member shall be appointed by the City Council, at large, from any ward. The ex-officio member shall be appointed by the City Council. In the event no acceptable candidate for membership can be found from any particular ward, the City Council may fill the vacancy with a member from another ward.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984; 1353, 2003]

Section 17-2-2. Term of Office. Appointments to the Board shall be for three year staggered terms.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984; 1353, 2003]

Section 17-2-3. Membership Qualification--Vacancies--Salary.

All members of the Board shall be bona fide residents of the City of Northglenn for not less than one year preceding their appointment. If any member of the Board ceases to reside in the City, his position on the Board shall immediately become vacant.

Vacancies on the Board shall be filled within forty-five (45) days of the vacancy for the unexpired term by appointment of the City Council.

Citizen members of the Board shall serve without compensation as such, but shall be paid a sum set by Council as reimbursement for expenses.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984; 796, 1985; 1353, 2003]

Section 17-2-4. Organization and Rules.

The Board shall elect a president, vice-president and secretary to serve for a term of one year with selection of a new president, vice-president and secretary, by vote of the Board, in June of each year. Each officer may succeed himself for one term.

The City Manager, or his designee, shall serve as the executive director of the Board and shall appoint a staff member to serve as the clerk to the Board.

The president shall preside at all meetings of the Board, shall decide all points of order and procedure subject to current Roberts Rules of Order, shall call special meetings in accordance with this Article, shall sign any documents requiring approval by the Board, and shall see that all actions of the Board are properly taken.

The vice-president shall perform the duties of the president in the president's absence.

The secretary may sign any documents of the Board in the event the president and vice-president are not available and only after reasonable efforts to locate the president and vice-president have been exhausted.

The clerk of the Board shall keep the minutes of all Board meetings, shall provide copies of such minutes to the City Council and City Manager on a monthly basis not more than one week following each meeting, and shall provide an agenda to members of the Board one week prior to scheduled meetings.

The City Manager or his designee, upon consultation with the president of the Board, shall prepare the Board's agenda.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-2-5. Meetings.

The Board shall hold at least one regular meeting in each month at a time and place designated by the Board.

All meetings shall be conducted in accordance with current Roberts Rules of Order.

Special meetings may be called by any officer of the Board or by the City Manager or his designee. Members will be notified in writing not less than seven (7) calendar days prior to the date of any special meeting, such notice to contain a list of the items to be considered at the special meeting provided, however, that upon majority vote of the Board a special meeting may be called with less than the required notice.

A quorum shall consist of any three-citizen members of the Board.

Each member of the Board shall vote, while the ex-officio member, City Manager or his designee, and the clerk will not vote. Members with a conflict of interest shall petition to abstain from voting and the entire membership present shall vote on the abstention. Votes shall be cast only at official meetings.

The order of business at all regular meetings of the Board shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

Roll Call

Additions or Deletions to the Agenda

Approval of Minutes of Previous Meeting

Public Invited to be Heard.

Unfinished Business

New Business

Special Reports

Public Invited to be Heard

Setting Agenda for Next Meeting


The absence of any member of the Board for three consecutive meetings or any five meetings in any twelve-month period, if unexcused by the president, shall constitute a resignation and need not be submitted in writing. The president of the Board shall notify the affected member and the City Council of the resulting vacancy and such vacancy shall be filled in accordance with Section 17-2-3(b) hereof.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984; 796, 1985; 1325, 2003]

Section 17-2-6. Purposes and Objectives. The purpose and objective for which the Parks and Recreation Board is established is to provide a communication link between the residents, staff and City Council.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]

Section 17-2-7. Duties and Authority. The Board shall have the following duties and authority:

To be an advisory board to the City Council;

To assist and advise the City Council and Director of Parks and Recreation in the formulation of short-term and long-range plans for parks, recreation facilities and recreation programs;

To assist and advise the City Council and Director of Parks and Recreation in the budget review process, with reference to the City's parks and recreation budget, and to give the Board's recommendations as to such budget to the City Manager and City Council, in writing, prior to budget adoption;

To assist and advise the City Manager and the City Council in determining the community's needs and desires for parks, programs, and facilities in relationship to the Parks Master Plan, to review the Parks Master Plan on a yearly basis, and to recommend formal updates to the Parks Master Plan no less than every five (5) years to achieve an equitable balance, within reason, of parks, programs and facilities in the City;

To review annual parks and recreation capital improvement projects and make recommendations to the City Council prior to September 30th each year;

To hold annual public hearings on parks and recreation capital improvement projects in order to gain neighborhood input and solicit citizen concerns for making recommendations;

To do evaluations of recreation programs following each seasonal program period and advise the Director of Parks and Recreation and City Council on changes that should be made;

To hold annual public hearings on recreational programs to gain citizen input on offerings in order to make better recommendations. These public hearings shall be held in the month of February;

To review applications for fee waivers for use of parks as well as recreational facilities and programs, and rule on said applications pursuant to guidelines established by the Board and approved by City Council.

To establish the parks and recreation fee schedule on an annual basis, subject to City Council review, and to submit such fee schedule to the City Council prior to September 30th each year;

To help communicate on a continuing basis to the community, information about park areas, programs and beautification;

To encourage voluntary gifts, donations, and work assistance to the Parks and Recreation Department;

To review all Parks and Recreation Department contracts and expenditures in excess of the City Manager's purchasing authority established by ordinance and submit written recommendations to the City Council prior to its taking final action on the matter;

To review any parks and recreation bond proposals and to make recommendations in writing to the City Council prior to its taking final action on the matter;

To grant or refuse licenses to vend goods in parks, on the premises of public recreation facilities, or within three hundred feet of any park entrance, and on the streets and sidewalks adjoining parks, provided that nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the Board to issue any license or permit for any purpose not permitted by any applicable subdivision regulation, master plan, zoning ordinance or other law, ordinance or regulation, nor shall the Board be authorized to issue any local liquor license or special events permit. Issuance, revocation and suspension of such licenses shall be governed by the applicable ordinances of the City of Northglenn;

Nothing herein contained shall authorize the Board, or any member thereof, to become involved in or in any way interfere with or cause to be interfered with the Parks and Recreation Director's duties and responsibilities or with the day-to-day administration and operations of the Parks and Recreation Department.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984; 1622, 2012]

Section 17-2-8. Miscellaneous.

Under no circumstances is any Board member to take any action or make any statement committing the Board as a whole, unless given authority to do so by a majority vote of the Board.

Any policy matter considered by City Council may be referred to the Board for recommendation. The Board will evaluate and make its recommendation based on the impact to the citywide parks and recreation system.

All official actions of the Board or recommendations to the City Council shall be forwarded in writing directly to the City Council with a copy to the City Manager.

In accordance with all City ordinances and policies, all matters of City policy must be reviewed by and approved by the City Council. Nothing herein shall be construed to prevent the City Council from exercising all of its powers regarding the City's total Parks and Recreation function and from assuming that all matters of City policy rest within the City Council.

[Source: Ord. 728, 1984]