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Article 17-4

Section 17-4-1. Park Closing Hours.

Public parks in the City of Northglenn, except as otherwise provided in Section 17-4-2 of this ordinance, shall be closed at ten o'clock p.m. daily, and shall remain closed until five o'clock a.m. of the next day.

The Director of Community Recreation shall cause appropriate signs to be erected, giving notice of the closing hours established by Section 17-4-1(a), in each public park.

When signs have been erected as provided in Section 17-4-1(b) of this ordinance, it shall be unlawful for any person, except a person excepted from the operation of this ordinance by the provisions of Section 17-4-2, to enter or remain in or upon the premises of any park during the hours of closing established by Section 17-4-1(a).

[Source: Ord. 206, 1973; 1640, 2013]

Section 17-4-2. Permits--Persons Excepted.

The City Council hereby finds that justification for exceptions to park closing hours may exist in the case of activities of groups of citizens when valid reasons are established for the extension of such closing hours and responsibility for removal of litter, trash and debris and the performance of conditions can be established. The Recreation Board is directed to establish rules and procedures for the issuance by the Director of permits consistent with the guidelines of this ordinance.

The Director may issue a permit for the use of any part of or all of the park, after the specified closing time and until a time specified in such permit. When any such permit has been issued, the closing time of the park shall be extended to the time specified. Such permit may require performance of conditions including removal of litter, trash and debris, and in such case shall entitle the applicant to be or remain in such park after the extended closing time and until such conditions are performed. A permit issued pursuant to this section shall not be construed as absolving an applicant from obtaining a Special Events Permit pursuant to Section 18-2-8 of the Municipal Code, or such additional permits as are otherwise required by the City or by law.

The provisions of Section 17-4-1 of this ordinance shall not apply to employees of the Department, police officers, ambulance personnel, firemen, or any city, state or county officers engaged in the performance of their duties.

[Source: Ord. 206, 1973; 1035, 1991]

Section 17-4-3. Violation of Park Closing Hours--Penalty. Any violation of any of the provisions of Section 17-4-1 of this ordinance shall be punishable as provided in Section 1-1-10(1)(2) of this Code.

[Source: Ord. 1130, 1995]