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Insurance Tickets

If you received a ticket which includes the charge of failure to provide proof of insurance, this charge may be dismissed by the Prosecuting Attorney if you can follow the instructions below and provide appropriate documentation of insurance.

The Municipal Court WILL NOT accept an insurance ID card or declaration pages as proof of insurance.  This is the most common mistake when drivers submit their proof of insurance to the Court.  You must provide a detailed letter from your insurance company which states specifically:

1) Your Name
2) Policy Number
3) You AND the vehicle you were operating were insured on the date and time of the ticket.  The vehicle on the letter MUST match the Year, Make, Model, and VIN number of the vehicle on the ticket.
4) The letter MUST be on insurance company letterhead and signed by an agent or representative of the company.

If you were operating a vehicle that is owned by someone other than yourself, the letter must be from the vehicle owner’s insurance company.  This letter must specifically state  the vehicle  you were operating when you received the ticket was insured on the date and time you received the ticket.  This letter MUST  state you had permission from the owner of the vehicle to operate the vehicle or that you were not an excluded driver on the policy at the time you were ticketed.

It is your responsibility to email the Court your proof of insurance to Court prior to your appearance date. Please follow up with a phone call to ensure it was received.  If you did not have insurance when you were pulled over please be prepared to provide proof of current insurance to the Court.

If you have any questions about your No Proof of Insurance Ticket and the requirements needed, please contact Administrative Clerk to the Prosecutor Debbie Reed at 303-450-8718 or