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Identity Theft

If you believe you are a victim of identity theft, there are a number of important steps you should follow. Be prepared to document all unauthorized transactions and to be patient -- the process can take a number of months. If you are the victim of identity theft in Northglenn, please complete the identity theft form. Once the form is complete and the documentation gathered, please bring it into the Police Department.

Steps to take

What to do when your identity is stolen:

Step 1 -- Contact your bank and other credit card issuers

Step 2 – File a report with your local law enforcement agency

Step 3 - File a report with the Federal Trade Commission

Step 4—Contact one of the three major credit reporting bureaus

Step 5-- Contact all of your creditors by phone and in writing

Step 6-- Notify the phone company

Step 7-- Notify the post office

Step 8-- Notify the Social Security Administration

Step 9-- Notify the State Department

Step 10-- If you are contacted by a collection agency

Step 11 --If your driver’s license or DMV-issued card was stolen

For a more detailed explanation of the above steps, please click here.