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Lock Box Program

The Police Department provides lock boxes, similar to those used by real estate agents, to hold a spare house key. The lock box hangs in a secure location at the residence, and is placed at no cost to the resident.

The addresses and the lock box combinations are stored at the Police Department. If the police, ambulance or fire personnel are summoned to a home due to a concern about a resident’s well-being or medical emergency, dispatch will automatically notify the responding emergency services personnel of the lock box. The combination is given to the rescue personnel only if no one answers the locked door. Read more


  1. Be a resident of the city of Northglenn
  2. Live in a private home or apartment
  3. Be a senior citizen who lives alone, or a Northglenn resident with significant medical assistance needs
  4. Provide a spare house key
  5. Sign a release form and agree to return the lock box if no longer participating in the program
  6. Complete an application
Generous donations by the Northglenn Senior Organization and the Citizen’s Police Academy Alumni Association have funded a program coordinated by the Northglenn Police Department to assist rescue personnel in entering homes within the City of Northglenn where a medical emergency is occurring.