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Citizen Police Survey

Welcome Citizen! Thank you for taking the time to complete our survey. We take your opinions very seriously. We will use this survey to measure community involvement and partnerships, citizen and employee satisfaction, evaluate crime prevention needs, and review possible methods to ensure adequate information flow and availability.

Which ward do you live in?
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  Ward 3
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Your Opinion
The next series of questions address how well you believe the Police Department is providing service to your neighborhood and community. Please answer honestly. We value your opinions.

Do you feel there is visible police presence in your area of the City?  Please choose only one of the following:
   Yes    No     Not Sure

Are you satisfied with the level of services you may have received in direct contact with Police personnel (officers, administrative staff, victim advocates, records division, etc)?  Please explain:

Are you satisfied with the general services provided by the Police Department (emergency response, crime control, animal control, nuisance issues, crime prevention, community concerns)?  Please explain:

Do you have specific concerns regarding crime in your neighborhood?  Please explain:

Do you or are you interested in participating in Police Department programs, such as Citizen's Police Academy, National Night Out, Neighborhood Watch, etc?  Do you have comments or suggestions regarding the programs?  Please explain:

If you wish to be contacted by someone in the Police Department regarding your experiences with personnel or for more information, please provide your contact information:



If you would like to make a complaint or commendation regarding a specific Police Department employee or incident, please refer to our Complaints and Commendations page.

Thank you.  Please click the Submit button below to complete the survey.


Privacy Policy
This survey is anonymous and responses are strictly confidential. The record kept of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you unless you have answered a specific question in the survey that has asked for this. We do not keep permanent records of individual survey responder URIs.