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Start By Believing

The Police Department has embraced the "Start by Believing" campaign to encourage everyone to treat sexual assault victims with more consideration and care.

The goal of the Start by Believing Campaign is to treat sexual assault victims with more consideration and care. That means believing their story and encouraging them to go to the authorities. This is something most sexual assault victims never do. Law enforcement, in turn, must start from the presumption that a sexual assault report has merit and then follow up with a fair, impartial and evidence-based investigation.

On April 4, Adams County came together at the Justice Center to pledge that they will “Start by Believing.” This included staff from the Police Department and city, along with members of jurisdictions from around the county.

Outward Support
In addition to the pledge event, the city took steps to outwardly support the campaign in April 2019, which is sexual assault awareness month. With teal ribbons associated with the cause, the Police Department placed teal ribbon magnets with “We Believe” on the back of their vehicles. The Justice Center atrium was lit up in teal and city staff wore teal on Fridays.

Take the Pledge
The city is hoping to get 500 people in the community to take the "Start by Believing" pledge.