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VIN Inspections

Schedule A VIN Inspection
The police department will not be completing CERTIFIED VIN inspections until further notice. Please see below for STANDARD VIN inspections.

The Police Department offers  standard and certified VIN inspections to residents of Northglenn. Proof of residency is required at the time of inspection. For standard VIN inspections there is no appointment necessary. Please bring verification of Vehicle Identification Number form, and your registration information. An officer will be called in to complete the inspection. Please note that this may take a few minutes depending on the officers’ call load.
This form is to be used when a two-wheel off-road motorcycle has been converted to a motorcycle eligible for highway use.

Cash, check or money order accepted.
Standard VIN Inspections - A $9 fee applies.  
Certified VIN Inspections - A $20 fee applies. 

The following vehicles require a Certified VIN Inspection:
Bonded title vehicles
Rebuilt vehicles
Reconstructed vehicles
Vehicles assembled from a kit

For salvage titles "you must have all paperwork and receipts for repairs completed. A rebuilt from salvage dye cast stamp must be placed inside the driver's side door post near the latch. The vehicle must be road worthy.  All lights must be working, tires need to have adequate tread, the windshield cannot have any cracks, and if the vehicle is equipped with airbags, they must work."

If your vehicle does not currently have a VIN assigned you must contact Colorado State Patrol to complete the inspection.

Certified VIN Inspections are done by appointment only
One vehicle per appointment. Please schedule your appointment  online below.  If we do not have an appointment time available that meets your needs you may contact Colorado State Patrol to schedule an appointment. 

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