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Grant Park

Grant Drive & 106th Avenue


  • Acres: 7.0
  • Pavilion: No
  • Playground: No
  • Picnic Tables: No
  • Restrooms:  No
  • Sculpture: None
  • Sports Facilities: None
  • Other Features: None

Grant Ditch
Grant Ditch was adopted as part of the State Trail System in October of 1973.

In January 2010, City Council renamed the Grant Ditch Trail the C. A. “Gundy” Gunderson Trail in honor of former chief of police, Carlisle “Gundy” Gunderson. A sign was erected identifying the C. A. “Gundy” Gunderson Trail at Grant Ditch and the 6,855-foot-trail was dedicated to Chief Gunderson on May 12, 2010.


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