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Homelessness Task Force

How can the City provide a “warm hand” to individuals experiencing homelessness?
The Task Force Will Look for Solutions to Address Homelessness in a Caring, Considerate Fashion.


Homelessness Resources in Adams County

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The task force will provide City Council with recommendations on how the city could address homelessness.

After hearing a number of recommendations in October 2020, City Council has approved the Homelessness Community Task Force (HCTF) to pursue the following actions:

  • Purchase RTD passes for transport to longer-term shelters and other resources
  • Form a street outreach team
  • Research safe parking lot partnerships
  • Research the possibility of a navigation center in Adams County through regional partnerships

Regional partnerships are important to serve this often transient population. We are also working with our municipal partners on the following:

  • We are part of the Adams County Built for Zero (Bfz) team. BfZ is a national movement to make homelessness rare, brief, and a one-time occurrence. Read more here .
  • Many of our partners will be using the Colorado Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) which is a shared database that will further our goals to provide resources in an efficient manner as well as collect data to inform our work and identify gaps.
  • Virtual option for Severe Weather Activation Plan (SWAP) vouchers which allows street outreach teams to meet people experiencing homelessness where they are to help reduce transportation barriers.
  • Researching tiny homes and safe outdoor spaces with Adams County and Thornton.
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  • Identify who makes up Northglenn's homeless population (families, individuals, etc.)
  • Identify the services that the city could provide (beyond today) in partnership with other service providers
  • Identify how the city can provide a "warm hand" to individuals experiencing homelessness
  • How to connect people experiencing homelessness with services and service providers (going beyond providing phone numbers)
  • How to leverage existing services and build partnerships with new service providers
  • Identify short-term and long-term challenges and possible solutions in addressing homelessness
  • Identify and recommend how the city can expand educational efforts.

Meetings in 2021 will occur on a quarterly basis starting in February.  Check back here for updates and virtual meeting login information and/or meeting locations.

October 21 at 6pm - In Person only
Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church
10785 Melody Drive

To view the meeting recording for the February 2021 update, please click here.
The May 2021 update can be viewed here.
The agenda and presentation documents from the August 2021 meeting can be viewed here.
The agenda and presentation documents from the October 2021 meeting can be viewed here.

Any member of the community with an interest in helping people suffering from homelessness. This includes:

  • Concerned residents
  • Representatives from nonprofit homeless assistance providers
  • People who have experienced homelessness
  • Domestic violence survivor service providers
  • Faith-based organization
  • Local government entities
  • Businesses
  • Advocates
  • Mental health agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Veteran organizations
  • School districts
  • And more

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Jessica Hulse
Crisis Response Unit Program Manager