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Neighborhood Beautification

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Neighborhood Beautification Program
Keep your yard well-maintained and you'll be in the running to win Yard of the Month or Waterwise Yard of the Month in June, July, and August. Each month, volunteer judges travel through each street and home in their neighborhood to find yards that are cared for and help their neighborhood look beautiful! Awards go to traditional lawns with grass, trees, and other vegetation, as well as waterwise yards that take advantage of drought resistant plants, rocks, mulch, and other landscaping features. Both types of yards must be weed free, well-groomed, and exude something special to the area.

Winners are recognized by City Council at the end of each month.
Past winners are ineligible for two years following their most recent award. 

Judging begins in May - so start your lawn care now!

Neighborhood Beautification and Waterwise Winners
Beautification and Waterwise Judge
Do you enjoy walking through the neighborhood? If so, maybe you'll consider becoming a Beautification Judge and look for the Yard of the Month and Waterwise Yard of the Month.

  • When: June through August
  • Location: A designated neighborhood in Northglenn
  • Availability: CLOSED
  • Time Commitment: Four to five hours each month

Jenna Gragg
Community Outreach Coordinator