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Street Snowplow

Snowplow Priorities
The city makes every effort, to the extent possible with current staffing and funding, to pretreat main arterials for ice prior to major snow events and to remove snow and ice as quickly as possible during and following a storm event. City crews work in shifts around the clock to ensure that our streets are safe and passable.

Track the city's snowplows

Priority Routes

The city is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 241 lane miles of arterial, collector and local streets.

The city is divided into four main sections for snow plowing. If possible, crews will be assigned to the same route for each snowstorm throughout the winter season. This will allow crews to become familiar with their routes and any trouble spots within those areas, which will result in more efficient snow plowing efforts.

Snow removal priority is a volume-based plan, focusing on clearing streets that benefit the greatest number of users first.

In cases of minor snowfalls (less than 4 inches), the city will plow, sand and salt primary and secondary routes as well as hazardous stops,  hills, schools and emergency facilities. For storms greater than 4 inches or if there’s the possibility of road closures, the focus will stay on primary and emergency facilities.   Secondary and residential streets will be addressed as soon as possible.

Northglenn Street Snow Plow Removal Map

Primary Routes: All arterials and major collector streets that serve high-traffic routes and access to emergency service vehicles • Examples: 104th Avenue, 120th Avenue, Huron Street and Washington Street

---- Secondary Routes: Collector streets and select residential streets that provide access to emergency stations, schools and bus routes • Examples: Irma Drive, 112th Avenue and Community Center Drive

Residential Areas: Priority is given to stretches that have dangerous hills, curves or intersections.  

Note: In Karl's Farm, only streets with 'Avenue' or 'Street' designations are plowed by the city. Anything labeled as a 'Lane' is managed by the homeowner's association. 

Plowed by Thornton or Westminster

Plowed by CDOT

Exceptions: Varying weather conditions may require plows to return to first and second priority streets prior to servicing third and fourth priority streets. The focus is to provide service to the greatest number of users first.

Emergency vehicle access will also be a high priority. Residents experiencing a medical emergency should call 911. City crews will work in conjunction with police, Northglenn Ambulance and the North Metro Fire Rescue District to provide emergency access.

Snow Plow - By The Numbers

  • 4: Number of inches when the city starts plowing residential streets
  • Number of hours to plow the following sections of roads once:
    • 3.1: Primary routes (e.g. Washington Street or 120th Avenue)
    • 5.9: Secondary routes (e.g. Irma Drive and Melody Drive)
    • 12.1: Residential
  • 241: Miles of road the city clears: 62 primary, 88 secondary and 91 residential
  • 3 to 5: Number of staff per shift who plow for snow events less than 4 inches
  • 6 to 10: Number of staff per shift who plow for events greater than 4 inches
  • 12: Number of hours straight a city employee is allowed to plow
Snow Plow Names

After taking suggestions and doing an online poll, the following names were selected for the City's snow plows:

  • Betty Whiteout
  • Darth Blader
  • Snowbegone Kenobi
  • Snow Big Deal
  • Plowy McPlowface
  • Storm Trooper

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