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Water Conservation Programs

Residents can apply for rebates on items that can significantly reduce your home's indoor and outdoor water use and consequently, your utility bills.

Through partnership, Resource Central offers Residents discount on their various programs, such as Slow the Flow, Turf Replacement, and Garden in a Box. For more information, visit

Applications can be mailed to:
City of Northglenn
Attn: Laura Farzim
12301 Claude Court
Northglenn, CO 80241
– Or –
Email to

Water Rebates Available
The city has rebates for the following items:

  • Water-efficient toilet
  • Water-efficient washing machine
  • Rotary sprinkler head
  • Irrigation timer
  • Rain barrel

Eligibility and Funding
Rebates are available to Northglenn residents who are city water customers. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received, and are available while there is sufficient funding. Rebates will be applied to your water bill as a credit within two months of approval.

How to Apply

Fill out the water rebate application online

Compile and fill out the following documents for all the rebates EXCEPT for turf replacement:

Rebate Amounts and Qualifications
Water-Efficient Toilet Rebate
  • Up to $75, limit two per address every 10 years
  • Residential customers must own the residence where the toilet is being replaced
  • To qualify, toilets must use 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less
  • Dual-flush toilets with flush functions that use more than 1.28 gallons per flush are not eligible for this rebate

Water-Efficient Washing Machine Rebate

Rotary Sprinkler Head Rebate
  • $3 per sprinkler head, limit 25 per address

Irrigation Timer Rebate
Rain Barrel Rebate
  • Up to $50, limit one per address every five years
  • For information on Colorado State Laws that allow rainwater collection, please view this CSU Extension fact sheet HERE.
Resource Central Conservation Programs

Slow the Flow
Have your outdoor irrigation system checked out for free. This program through the Resource Central helps residents improve the efficiency of their watering systems. Contact the Center for Resource Conservation to schedule your 1.5-hour appointment.

Garden in a Box
Northglenn residents can receive a $25 discount on a complete xeriscape garden in a box from Resource Central. Gardens go on sale in March and again in the fall. Quantities are limited, so reserve your garden early. 

Turf Replacement
Get free low-water plants and lawn removal service discounts. The lawn replacement program offers you a mix-and-match solution to removing and replacing your lawn to help you begin creating a more waterwise yard. We’ll help you save water and money, reduce lawn maintenance, and create a colorful backyard habitat. All you need to do is first submit a short application and then remove at least 200 square feet of lawn. 


Laura Farzim
Water Resources Analyst