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What is Service Line Warranties of America?

Q: I received a mailer from Service Line Warranties of America about water and sewer line coverage with the City of Northglenn logo on it. Is this legitimate?

A: Yes.
The City of Northglenn has a marketing agreement with Service Line Warranties of America (parent company HomeServe) to inform residents of the option to buy coverage for residential water or sewer line replacement, internal plumbing and drainage issues, and water heater replacement.

These services are totally optional and there are other private companies that offer the service.

Northglenn City Council opted to allow the marketing agreement because:

(1) this company specializes in offering these services through municipalities,
(2) they help inform homeowners that water and sewer lines from homes to the city line are the homeowner’s responsibility,
(3) it increases awareness of potential large expenses to residents regarding water and sewer service to homes, and
(4) their services have received positive reviews from Northglenn residents that have had to utilize the coverage.

The City of Northglenn does not receive any revenue from the agreement; it is simply an opportunity to make homeowners aware of the option.

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